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Instant Finance Budgeting Tool

At Pioneer Finance we follow the responsible lending code and do our best to ensure everybody we loan money to can afford to make weekly/ fortnightly or monthly repayments without finding themselves in financial hardship. That’s why we have created our Instant Finance Budget.

What can I use the Instant Finance Budget For?

  • Establishing where you money is being spent
  • Finding areas you can save money
  • Working out a savings plan for Buying a house, going on holiday, getting a new car, Home renovations etc
  • Check your affordability for a Loan
  • Seeing if a Debt Consolidation Loan is right for you


  • Income SourceFrequencyAmountMonthly Income 
  • TypeFrequencyAmountMonthly Total 
  • CompanyFrequencyAmountMonthly Total 
  • CompanyFrequencyAmountMonthly Total 
  • Expense NameMonthly spend 
    Set up a column for things like Groceries, petrol, takeaways, coffee, alcohol, school fees etc

How does the Instant Finance Budget form work?

The Instant Finance Budget form is based on how we assess your affordability for a loan. By giving you a monthly surplus income after all of your living expenses are calculated. If this figure shows a negative number that means you have more outgoing payments than you have income. Should that be the case you may need to use this budget to find areas you can cut back on spending or if it is loan repayments that cause the issue. If that is the case maybe a Debt Consolidation Loan is right for you.

What will Pioneer Finance do with my information?

As you can see we are not collecting any personal information other than your e-mail address so we can send you a copy of your budget. We may send you a follow up e-mail to see if the budget was helpful or if there was anything we could help you with.

For more tips on budgeting read our Budgeting tips post here.

So go ahead and complete the Instant Finance Budget form below and lets work to get your finances back on track!