In the case of unforeseen circumstances where you are unable to keep up your payments on your loan please know that Pioneer Finance offers Hardship capabilities to protect you during your time of need. If you are struck down with illness, injury, loss of employment, or another reasonable cause that constricts you from paying your loan you can apply for a Hardship Variation:

1. Submit an application to the team in writing;

Explain your reasons for requiring the Hardship Variation to your loan

2. Request one of the following:

Postpone a certain number of payments required

Extend your loan principle agreement i.e. we would reduce the total amount due on each payment date then increase the number of payments you need to make

Apply both to your loan principle

3. Give us the application or call us on 0800 000 724 to discuss your situation.

We need a copy of your letter in writing which can be sent via email of fax.

One thing that we promise at Pioneer Finance, is that we are approachable to our clients, to ensure that when they are faced with these types of situations they feel comfortable addressing this with us. Ensure you contact us immediately so we can remedy this situation, if you delay this we may not be able to accept your request for the Hardship Variation.

If we are agree with the new terms we have set we may require to draw up a new loan agreement which then you will need to pay a “Refinance Fee” – please see our Interest Rates & Fees tab for this cost.