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How it works

1. Sign up to the referral program

1. Sign up to the referral program

The referral program is open to anyone. If you're an influencer, family friend or current customer. This program is for you. Anyone you refer gets their first loan with us with no establishment fee!

2. Share your unique link with anyone

2. Share your unique link with anyone

Chat with our Chatbot to get your unique link and send it to anyone you think would be interested in a personal loan. It's that easy.

3. Get rewarded

3. Get rewarded

When your friend applies through your unique link and successfully takes out finance with us, we'll reward you with $200 and they'll get no establishment fee. Win, win!

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Referral Program Rules

Last Updated: April 2023

The following describes the terms of service which apply to participation in the referral program currently offered by Pioneer Finance (or “Pioneer”) and its affiliates. If you wish to participate in our Referral Program described below, you agree to the terms for such Referral Program described in Part I below

*Please note that any friend whom you’d like to refer must use your specific product referral link in accordance with the terms and conditions associated with the specific promotional campaign for that link. Only one referral reward and one welcome bonus per new customer. Only one referral reward and one welcome bonus per new loan. You will not receive multiple referral bonuses for the same friend.


Each person referred should be someone you have a direct, personal relationship with. You may not distribute a Referral Link or otherwise solicit anyone through mass email, any form of commercial advertising or other similar means.

Pioneer reserves the right to review, investigate, and disqualify anyone from participation in the Pioneer Referral Program at any time, and reserves the right to not honour any referral which in our sole discretion was solicited in a manner inconsistent with the spirit or terms and conditions of the Pioneer Referral Program.

Furthermore, Pioneer reserves the right to seek reimbursement from any customer (including by adding to your loan account) of amounts paid as Referral Bonuses to customers solicited via mass solicitation. Please note that in certain circumstances the deduction of such amounts from their account may result in a negative balance.

Any person referred to a Pioneer loan, may not have an existing Pioneer Loan.

If your Pioneer loan should be in arrears at the time of aa referral reward being paid, the reward will be credited to your loan account.

To protect the privacy of those you refer, referral prospect account information or eligibility is not, under any circumstances, permitted to be shared with referral promoters.

Program terms

Loan Referral Program

The terms below and those set forth in Part II govern your participation in Pioneer Finance, Loan Referral Program described below. The Loan Referral Program is open to any consumer who registers on Pioneer’s website and who resides in New Zealand.

Eligible Loan Referrers are limited to refer friends, colleagues, family members, and other people they (collectively, the “Eligible Loan Recipient(s)”) believe may be interested in applying for a personal loan. Pioneer Finance reserves the right to disqualify anyone from participating in the Loan Referral Program at any time. The Eligible Loan Referrers will NOT

receive a Loan Referral Bonus for referrals for any other Pioneer Finance products. Anyone who violates these terms and conditions is ineligible for payment of any bonus.


To receive credit for a referral under the Loan Referral Program, Eligible Loan Referrers must send their unique referral link to an Eligible Loan Recipient, the Eligible Loan Recipient must use their Eligible Loan Referrer’s unique referral link within 120 days after receipt of the Eligible Loan Referrer’s unique referral link, and the Eligible Loan Recipient must meet the terms and conditions of the specific promotional campaign associated with the unique referral link that was used for the referral. Further, in order for the Eligible Loan Recipient to receive their Loan Welcome bonus for a Pioneer Personal Loan, the loan must still be an active loan in good standing ninety (90) days after the disbursement date. If the Eligible Loan Recipient uses the Eligible Loan Referrer’s unique referral link and meets the terms and conditions of the specific promotional campaign associated with that unique referral link, Pioneer Finance or its designee shall pay to:

(a) the Eligible Loan Referrer, a referral bonus into a nominated New Zealand Bank account in the referrers name (Providing at the time of payment the referrer does not have a loan in arrears with Pioneer Finance. Should this be the case the referral bonus will be offset against the arrears on the referrers account)

(b) the Eligible Loan Recipient, will not be charged a loan establishment fee. Only one Loan Referral Bonus and one Loan Welcome Bonus will be awarded for each referred Eligible Loan Recipient, regardless of whether the Eligible Loan Recipient takes out multiple Eligible Loans. Further, and notwithstanding the above, the following additional restrictions shall apply. An Eligible Loan Referrer will not earn a Loan Referral Bonus if the Eligible Loan Recipient has or had an existing funded Pioneer loan account, or if the Eligible Loan Recipient does not use the unique referral link provided by the Eligible Loan Referrer.

If the Eligible Loan Recipient already has a Pioneer loan account, is on our opt-out list, the Eligible Loan Recipient may not be sent an email. We cannot disclose to you any information about funded loans opened by any Eligible Loan Recipients you refer to us. Participation in the Loan Referral Program serves as a one-time limited waiver of privacy rights by both parties, whereby each may become aware of the presence of an account relationship with Pioneer Finance.